i-DRR and its purpose

Practical advice on making Disaster Risk Reduction programmes and projects accessible and inclusive for persons with disabilities.


i-DRR aims to contribute to improve the quality and effectiveness of DRR programmes.

Ownership and re-use

i-DRR was developed by CBM Global Disability Inclusion

Authors: Manuel Rothe, Charlotte Axelsson, Nino Gvetadze, Anne-Sophie Trujillo, Marcie Roth, Talal Waheed, Broja Gopal Saha, Ravi Ranganathan. 

You may use our content for non-profit use for free and without permission.

Please credit "CBM Global" as the source when using the material.

Pictures, schemes and drawings must keep their original copyright and/or source.

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Finding the tips you need

Sections group related advice cards together.

Cards describe tasks or processes and how to make them inclusive.

Search for words (e.g. 'latrine' or 'ramp') for suggestions of cards giving you tips and advice.

Add cards to your Favourites page.


i-DRR conforms to Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.


CBM Global developed this tool and organised its contents by compiling good practices and guidance from many organisations working in the DRR sector as well as disability-specific organisations.

CBM Global feels this tool values and spreads existing knowledge, across the DRR sector.

CBM Global maintains and updates i-DRR regularly, and supports translation into further languages.

Help improve the tool

Write to us at inclusiveapps@cbm-global.org with your feedback and suggestions. Such as:

We value all contributions and recognise them in the reference sections.

Help us improve the information we provide, and ensure it is accessible to anyone who needs it.

Thank you.