Access symbols

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The most recognised international access symbol is this square overlaid in white with an image of a wheelchair user. 

Sign of a white wheelchair user on a black background
© International Commission on Technology and Accessibility

Alternatively use this symbol showing an active wheelchair user, white on a blue background.

Sign of a white active wheelchair user on a blue background

There are also other symbols that can be used for inclusive training or awareness in humanitarian action, picturing a person with disabilities in an active role.

Sign of a wheelchair user in front of a screen

This symbol can be used for inclusive advocacy:

Sign of a wheelchair user in front of group of people

The following symbol indicates access for blind people or people who have low vision. It can be used to indicate guided path or tactile information or the way to a distribution point for instance.

Sign of a person walking with a cane.
© Flaticon

Use the symbol below to point out that Sign Language Interpretation is provided for a meeting, an information session or a focus group discussion.

Two hands signing
© Flaticon