Cash for work

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Cash for work programmes offer people an opportunity to contribute to the recovery of the community after disasters and receive cash assistance to recover from disaster loss themselves.

To make cash for work programs more inclusive:

  • Do not create a different cash for work programs for persons from at-risk groups. Integrate them in the regular program according to their abilities.

  • Identify together with women and men with disabilities and older people which types of work should be included in the cash for work programmes and the adaptations that should be made to ensure accessibility and participation. 

  • Identify supervising and supporting tasks for persons who are unable to participate in the main work tasks of the program, for example monitoring and supervisory work, providing child care support or distributing meals. Remember: Do not to assign people with disabilities and older persons supporting task by default. Ask them first if they are able to contribute to the main work tasks.

  • Ensure that women and men, including those who have disabilities, are being paid the same wage as other participants, even if carrying out activities that are less physically demanding.

  • Analyse and ensure that the cash for work program does not undermine current livelihood activities of at-risk groups in the community.