Community Feedback Mechanism

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Key considerations for making community feedback mechanisms inclusive and accessible:

  • Collaborate with representative organizations of at-risk groups when setting up and implementing community mechanisms.
  • Consult with persons from different at-risk groups when setting up the community feedback mechanism, in particular women and girls with disabilities, blind persons, deaf and hard of hearing persons, persons with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities and persons from linguistic minorities.
  • Assess the specific barriers that would prevent different at-risk groups from accessing information and providing feedback.
  • Set up multiple feedback channels to overcome access barriers, e.g. telephone hotline, suggestion box, a feedback section on a website, text message/whatsapp.
  • Nominate a focal person for community feedback and ensure persons from at-risk groups are aware of the position. Ensure the focal person is aware of inclusion issues and regularly engages with representative organizations of at-risk groups in the community.
  • Establish active ways of collecting information (e.g. home interviews with persons with severe mobility impairments or parents with childcare responsibilities who cannot leave home).