Fire alert

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To make fire protection systems more inclusive:

  • Install fire¬†alarms/smoke detectors¬†with strobe (flashing) lights and bed shaker to ensure alert of persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. In bedrooms/sleeping areas, strobe lights should be placed right next to the bed.
  • Practice fire drills with persons with disabilities, older persons and other persons who may need assistance to evacuate. Involve assistants, care givers, family members, neighbours, co-workers and others to participate in the drills.
  • Ensure everyone in the community, office or household is aware of fire safety protocols and has emergency numbers available.
  • Ensure that persons with reduced mobility or physical disabilities can stay in locations which provide the fastest escape routes (e.g. on the ground floor, near the door or staircase).
  • Clear evacuation routes and paths from any obstacles or items which might get in the way of a fast evacuation.
  • In case of wildfires, warnings provided by government sources should be delivered in multiple formats accessible to persons with diverse disabilities, including visual and audible instructions in text, spoken words and pictures.

(For further information see also: Inclusive evacuation and inclusive early warning system.)