Model Disability Survey

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The Model Disability Survey (MDS) is a general population survey that can be helpful for disability inclusive DRR planning. It can provide the following information:

  • What persons with disabilities can do for themselves? What type of support they may need in emergencies?
  • What are the existing community assets and disability networks that could potentially provide support to persons with disabilities before, during, or after an emergency?

The brief version of MDS (“Brief MDS”) can be integrated in health- and other surveys to facilitate easier monitoring of functioning and disability. It includes modules on environmental factors; functioning; capacity and health conditions, and personal assistance and assistive products.

A number of questions from the four modules of the brief MDS can be helpful to better understand the barriers and specific issues faced by persons with disabilities, which are relevant for DRR planning at the community level.

Note that the first 6 questions of the Module on ‘Capacity and Health Conditions’ are closely linked to the Washington Group Short Set (WG-SS) of Questions and to avoid duplication, should not be asked if WG-SS is administered.