Asset protection

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When providing information to the community on asset protection, include the following tips and advice:

  • Include assistive devices in the inventory and keep receipts or certificate of their origin.
  • Teach people who may need to assist other household members in an emergency how to operate assistive devices or medical equipment. Label equipment and attach laminated instructions for equipment use. If you are reliant on electric medical equipment, teach others how start and connect a back-up power supply.
  • If you use an electric wheelchair, have a manual wheelchair for backup.
  • If possible, store back-up equipment (mobility, medical, etc.) at an evacuation centre or safe place.
  • Identify the devices that persons with different types of disabilities will use to stay informed about events related to the disaster (mobile device, laptop computer, radio, television, etc.).
  • Identify essential productive assets of persons with mobility limitations, like persons with disabilities, older persons, pregnant women or chronically ill persons, and assign responsibility for asset protection during evacuation to other household members.