Building code

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  • Building codes are national standards to ensure safety and security, and regulate constructions of private and public buildings. Each country has its own codes, which increasingly are being reviewed and updated to incorporate disaster and resilience measures. 

  • Accessibility and universal design should be considered also in building codes, particularly in the aftermath of a disaster when building back better, to ensure that new resilient construction does not create barriers for persons with disabilities. For example, earthquake resilient schools have to make sure that they construction ensures that evacuation is easy also for children that are blind (good signage and tactile routes), with physical disability (quick evacuation on ground level or via ramps, safe space inside the building where children using a wheelchair can access.

  • Another example could be how to ensure flood resilient houses that are built on poles to resist are accessible to persons with mobility difficulties could be instead to see if the ground surface level could be increased and some vegetation planted around the house to absorb higher water levels.