Community Meetings

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To ensure everyone participates in community meetings:

  • Choose an accessible meeting venue.
  • Provide information about the meeting, handouts and other communication material are accessible.
  • Use gender, disability and culturally sensitive language and communication free of stereotypes.
  • Pay attention to individuals with a pattern of speaking less and invite them to offer their thoughts.
  • Give participants the opportunity to ask the speaker to stop or slow down. Use color cards, whereby participants raise a red card when they didn’t understand, yellow when they wish the speaker to slow down and green to show they understand the content.  

To ensure participation of persons with disabilities:

  • Some deaf people or people who are hard of hearing will require the presence of a sign language interpreter to participate to the meeting, or a family member that can interpret. To find an interpreter, consult deaf people or local organisations of persons with disabilities (DPOs) to find contacts.
  • Blind people and people with low vision can be supported by receiving electronic version of all materials prior to the meeting. 
  • People with intellectual disabilities and psychosocial disabilities might need facilitators or family members that interprets technical and complex terms into simpler language.