• Flood as a hazard belongs to the category of those natural disasters that happen quickly and often gives very little time to warn and alert the population and thus putting groups of the population, among them persons with disabilities, at higher risks. These risks can be minimized through ensuring appropriate and inclusive preparedness measures, inclusive warning mechanisms and mock drill exercises:

  • Community mapping process should highlight, in a dignified manner, houses and settlements where persons with disabilities reside for ensuring swift evacuation and provision of life saving support in case of floods.

  • When providing information and preparedness measures for persons residing in flood prone areas, information [hyperlink to ‘information’] has to be provided in an accessible way to make sure that everyone fully understands the risks, evacuation procedures, household preparedness,  In case persons with disabilities live in areas prone to flash flood and/or land sliding, persons with disabilities should be made aware of the risk and be supported for better preparedness through mock drills and personal safety exercises.

  • Community disaster management committees can monitor flood markers and gather information from media and the government, and can be supported by Self-Help groups. In case of a flood, these groups can inform the community and will make sure that also persons with disabilities and their families receive and understand the information.

  • Warning signals [hyperlink to ‘warning dissemination’] and systems should be available in audio format (bells, sirens, drums, etc.), signals, images and symbols (appropriate to the context), text and phone messages. Warnings through media should include radio, TV (with subtitles and sign language interpretation, expressive body language), easy-to-read messages and posters/leaflets etc.

  • People who are identified as particularly at risk or likely not to receive the early warning shall be alerted through individual house visits.   

  • If the flood requires evacuating or relocating communities, make sure that persons with disabilities are kept along with their families. As far as possible, while ensuring that access to basic services is easy and accessible, place persons with disabilities alongside their neighbors or support networks. Do not isolate persons with disabilities or their families in a separate location.