National frameworks

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To identify relevant national frameworks, policies, laws and acts and ensure they consider the inclusion of different at-risk groups:

  • Consult with national level Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) representing different at-risk groups, including Disabled People Organisations (DPOs), Older Peoples Organisations or Women's Organisations.
  • Analyse national disaster prevention and mitigation policies to assess if they adequately consider the inclusion of different at-risk groups and are accessible and understandable for persons with different types of disabilities and people from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Facilitate and promote awareness among CSOs about national prevention and mitigation policies and frameworks.
  • Engage CSOs in the process of ensuring implementation of existing national frameworks.
  • Where national frameworks do not exist, facilitate linkages between CSOs with relevant government departments to ensure their needs and provisions are acknowledged and awareness of government officials and policy makers is raised.

For an overview of national frameworks on disability, see source links below.