Community Awareness

Make favourite

For disaster risk management information to turn into the real action and behavioural change, messages should be received and understood by everyone in the community. Consider different audiences, including persons with diverse disabilities and age groups and persons from linguistic minorities. Make sure people from at-risk groups received messages directly without relying on family members, care givers or neighbours as intermediaries.

Key considerations for community awareness raising for inclusive DRR:

  • Ensure that DRR messages are disseminated in multiple formats using SMS, radio, TV, leaflets, posters, street theatre, community gatherings or trained volunteers providing information house-to-house.
  • Using pictures and simple language to ensure messages are understood by persons with intellectual disabilities.
  • In case of group gatherings, select accessible venues and diversify means of communication to ensure meaningful participation of everyone.
  • Organize awareness sessions for general population about how disaster affects persons with disabilities, older persons and other at-risk groups differently, to help reduce the barriers and combat stigma.
  • Consult with the representative organisations of different at-risk groups when designing community awareness raising activities and engage them in their implementation.