River basin protection

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When applying protective measures for river basins, consider the following for accessibility and equal benefit of everyone:

  • Involve persons from different at-risk groups, who live along river basins, in community consultations, when designing and applying river basin protective measures.
  • Using different means of communication and information dissemination, raise awareness of communities on sustainable river basin management and application of different protection measures.
  • Ensure participation of people from different at-risk groups in community preparedness activities and address specific risks from potential hazards they face.
  • Install inclusive and accessible early warning systems at the village level so that everyone in the community receive timely information in case of raising water levels.
  • Inspect roads and bridges, including culverts, along river basins for stability and accessibility (even surface and clear of obstacles).
  • Provide accessible rescue vessels for persons with disabilities.
  • Provide safe and accessible shelter in case of required evacuation during flooding.